Private Eye Detective & Investigator Services

Across Houston, Galveston, and Conroe, TX, Southland Protective Services is providing locals with top of the line private investigative work, along with surveillance and security service for over 10 years. With our extensive military and law enforcement background, our security and private investigator work has amplified. We are fully insured, bonded and licensed to give our valued customers top quality services. Included in our services, we offer private investigator services.

Southland Protective Services private investigator services include, but are not limited to the following:

– Matrimonial investigations; infidelity, divorce, pre-marital verification, child custody, stalking/ harassment, local and national assets.
– Child custody investigations such as neglect, abuse, visitation, adoption, false or exaggerated claims, and lawsuits.
– Background checks.
– Missing person’s investigation.

Need for a Discreet Private Eye Detective

When the need arises for the recruitment of a private investigator, your situation is usually dire with a need for immediate attention. Suspecting a cheating spouse, fighting for child custody, or clearing your good name is some examples. Hiring employees, nannies, maids and other kinds of family help can make the process a lot safer and give you peace of mind. With our services you will know the person you allow in close proximity to your family can be trusted. No matter your particular need for a private investigator, you need Southland Protective Service. We are leading the field in experience and expertise throughout the Greater Texas area. With our additional training, in conjunction with past careers, you’ll find we are thorough, efficient and highly skilled in private investigator services.

Confidential Surveillance

Surveillance work is often needed alongside your personal private investigations. Southland Protective Services has quality experience in surveillance and obtaining pertinent information and the viable evidence you will need in court proceedings. Conducted at a safe distance, Southland Protective Service has the necessary training and the equipment to obtain surveillance evidence.

Finding Missing Persons

In missing persons, the law is often tied to waiting a specific time period. With Southland Protective Services private investigator services, we can get started on the investigation. If there are any loved ones missing in your life that law enforcement has had a lag, sometimes we can contribute to locating the missing person with our meticulous investigating.

Answering Personal & Work Related Questions

Southland Protective Services has a plethora of resources and channels we can turn to when conducting your private investigation in the Greater Texas area. No matter the circumstances concerning your private investigation, you can rest easy knowing we are putting our energy and going over every detail of known facts to find all the information from the minute to incredibly huge, we will present to you all of the facts. Whether you are wondering if a spouse or partner is cheating to whether you want to know if an employee is embezzling funds, call Southland Protective Services to answer all your personal or work related questions!

Private Investigator Services in Houston, Galveston & Conroe, TX

Southland Protective Services is passionate about our work, and cares about our valued customers. We know you are seeking answers and we will do all we can to present you with facts in a timely fashion. We pride ourselves on being thorough and efficient with every case we conduct. For your personal investigator services in Greater Houston, Texas, you are welcome to, call us today to get started!