Finding Missing Persons

Southland Protective Services is veteran owned and operated to provide security and private investigation services the commercial businesses and local residents of Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. Coming from a background of law enforcement and military careers, we utilize our training and resources to offer our expertise to those in need. Southland Protective Services are leaders in the industry as we strive to exceed our own expectations. Among the wide variety of services we conduct, we specialize in missing person cases.

Hire a Private Investigator to Track Down a Missing Person

Whenever someone in the world discovers a loved one is missing, the gut wrenching feeling of hopelessness takes hold and the need to do everything you can do to find them. Luckily, the people in the Greater Houston, TX areas have help with Southland Protective Services.

Solving Missing Persons Cases

In the event someone goes missing, often law enforcement hands are tied and have to wait until a specific time period has passed before they even take on another case file. With their heavy workload and letting time pass, leads can go cold, and your missing loved one gets further away from being found. Southland Protective Services utilize our experience, training and resources and begin searching for your missing person. We exhaust every possible lead, every minuscule clue, as we search until they are found.

How Do I Find a Child I Gave Up For Adoption, an Old High School Friend or an Ex-Spouse?

When we talk about missing persons, we aren’t just talking about the loved ones in your life now. Whether you are trying to locate your birth parents or the child you gave up for adoption, Southland Protective Services can help reunite your family. And if you are trying to find an old high school buddy, old flame or an ex-spouse that isn’t fulfilling their financial obligations; Southland Protective Services can help find these people too!

Private Investigators Finding Missing Persons in Galveston, Conroe & Greater Houston, Texas
Southland Protective Services understands the need to find where your loved has disappeared to, and we will do everything within our power to find your loved one. If you are missing someone dear, reach the phone and contact Southland Protective Services in Houston, Texas to take on your missing person case and find your loved one.