Background Checks & Employee Screening

Throughout the Greater Houston, Texas area, Southland Protective Services provides valuable security and investigative services. Southland Protective Services extends services to commercial businesses and residents with a wide range of services. Being veteran owned and operated, we have an extensive law enforcement and military background with skills acquired, making Southland Protective Services the leading professionals in the industry. Included in our service menu, we provide thorough background checks.

Employee Screening Services

In today’s world, it is nearly a necessity to know the past history of employees. Business owners and managers in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas, have the right to know who they are welcoming into the inner workings of their livelihood. Knowing if there is a criminal history or to prove the authenticity of an individual, employee screenings are well worth the investment. You have a moral obligation to your staff, clients and customers to choose upstanding people to represent your company. Southland Protective Services can provide the answers you seek!

Nanny, Babysitter & Caregiver Background Checks

And not just for business owners. Residents in the Greater Houston, TX area are equally entitled to know who might be working in close proximity to their families. Parents also want to know the character and background before they hire nannies, babysitters and other caregivers as well as tutors, maids the prior or even enrolling children in extracurricular actives; you want peace of mind that these people are not known for targeting children with malicious intent. Investing in a background check from Southland Protective Services can give you that peace of mind.

Dating Profile Background Checks

These days, many people pursue online dating. While it may be exciting getting to know new people, you must always be careful not to provide identifying information about you to people you don’t know. If you do decide to meet in person, it is a great idea to have a background check run to know who you are really meeting – and if that person is who they say they are!

Background Checks & Employee Screenings in Galveston, Conroe & Greater Houston, Texas

Whether you are a business owner or resident of the Greater Houston, Texas area, you have the right to pull background checks on future employees or people that will be a part of your life. Southland Protective Services background checks service is thorough and detailed to ensure you know all the pertinent information concerning the person in question. Contact Southland Protective Services to run your background checks today!