Private Investigator Services

Across Houston, Galveston, and Conroe, TX, Southland Protective Services is providing locals with top of the line private investigative work, along with surveillance and security service for over 10 years. With our extensive military and law enforcement background, our security and private investigator work has amplified. We are fully insured, bonded and licensed to give our valued customers top quality services. Included in our services, we offer private investigator services.

Southland Protective Services private investigator services include, but are not limited to the following:

– Matrimonial investigations; infidelity, divorce, pre-marital verification, child custody, stalking/ harassment, local and national assets.
– Child custody investigations such as neglect, abuse, visitation, adoption, false or exaggerated claims, and lawsuits.
– Background checks.
– Missing person’s investigation.

Need for a Discreet Private Eye Detective

When the need arises for the recruitment of a private investigator, your situation is usually dire with a need for immediate attention. Suspecting a cheating spouse, fighting for child custody, or clearing your good name is some examples. Hiring employees, nannies, maids and other kinds of family help can make the process a lot safer and give you peace of mind. With our services you will know the person you allow in close proximity to your family can be trusted. No matter your particular need for a private investigator, you need Southland Protective Service. We are leading the field in experience and expertise throughout the Greater Texas area. With our additional training, in conjunction with past careers, you’ll find we are thorough, efficient and highly skilled in private investigator services.

Private Investigation Services in Houston, Galveston & Conroe, TX

Southland Protective Services is passionate about our work, and cares about our valued customers. We know you are seeking answers and we will do all we can to present you with facts in a timely fashion. We pride ourselves on being thorough and efficient with every case we conduct. For your personal investigator services in Greater Houston, Texas, you are welcome to, call us today to get started!

Security Services

At Southland Protective Services, our experienced security personnel receive the highest level of training available in the security & protection industry, in fact our in-house training curriculum exceeds the suggested guidelines of state approved licensing agencies. Our Protective Services personnel will review the needs of your business and assign security personnel that are selected to fulfill your expectations and complete the job to your specifications and satisfaction.

Loss Prevention Specialists in Houston, TX & Surrounding Areas

The most important role of security is to deter crime. Our experienced security personnel receive extensive training in the art of monitoring customer traffic and are experts when it comes to the field of asset protection. Our loss prevention specialists can utilize the corrective action protocols that are consistent with your policies and procedure protocols without causing a disruption to your businesses. Our plainclothes security specialists are effective in their methods of controlling in-store thefts and other forms of shoplifting.

Surveillance Services in Houston, TX & Surrounding Areas

At Southland Protective Services we can provide the latest technology to effectively monitor your property and achieve a high standard of asset protection. Our experienced management team focuses on staying up-to-date with the latest in technological advancements in the security industry. We will analyze your property and make professional recommendations for the most beneficial type of equipment to get the job done right the first time.

Systems Consulting in Houston, TX & Surrounding Areas

At Southland Protective Services we proudly provide security operation services along with recommendations to help you protect your assets that are cost effective and budget friendly. Our services include systematically analyzing the interior and exterior of your property and carefully monitoring any vulnerable areas along with any other high security areas. Our qualified system consulting personnel will provide you with a written report detailing the necessary number of security cameras, alarms and uniformed guards to effectively protect your business assets. We also provide troubleshooting services for your existing security system to determine any points of weakness along with an action plan to resolve issues.

Information Desk Services in Houston, TX & Surrounding Areas

At Southland Protective Services, we understand that some of your security requirements involve courtesy and convenience as opposed to just security. Some of these services involve staffing a front desk and providing information services to visitors. Our security guards are trained in the art of providing superior customer service and can also provide security if an unexpected situation were to arise that could threaten the security of your property.